Choosing an Endometriosis Doctor

When you have a problem with endometriosis, it can result in painful periods and a number of other symptoms, including pain during intercourse and low back pain which can occur at any time. Unfortunately, there is not a cure for endometriosis but there are some things that can be done in order to help relieve the symptoms and in some cases, to remove the symptoms altogether. The first step in the process of overcoming the pain and other symptoms that you are experiencing, however, is choosing an endometriosis Doctor that can assist you. What are some of the choices that you have available and how can you choose one that is going to work right for you?

First of all, when choosing an endometriosis Doctor, you would want to choose somebody that can be with you the entire way through the process. This is true of the pelvic exam that is going to be done as well as any medication or surgery that is needed as a result of the condition. In some cases, it is going to be possible for your symptoms to be relieved through medication, either a pain relieving medication or perhaps with hormonal therapy. In other cases, however, surgery is going to be needed, such as the da Vinci robotic surgery which can do a hysterectomy with a minimal amount of pain and recovery time. In any case, you can trust the women's Centre and the third leading da Vinci robotic surgery physician in the world, Dr. John F. Dulemba.

Choosing The Woman's Centre for Your Endometriosis Doctor Needs

There are many reasons to choose the Woman's Center for your endometriosis Doctor needs. One of the reasons why that is the case is because we can provide you the specialized care and make you as comfortable as possible. If you have a condition which would require same day visits to our office, we can accommodate your needs as well. Simply contact us for more information about what we can do for endometriosis and how our doctors can assist you through the process. We will schedule an appointment when it is convenient for you so that you can ask your questions directly to the doctor.

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