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Microchanneling & Microneedling Specialist

The Women's Centre

Gynecologists & Aesthetic Specialists located in Denton, TX

Your skin looks saggy, dull, and discolored, or you have acne scars that remind you of the pain of your teenage years. You can improve, smooth, and brighten aging and scarred skin with the Bellus Medical SkinPen® microneedling treatment and Procell Therapies by expert aesthetician Lisa Rux at The Women’s Centre. If you live in the Denton, Texas area, and you’d like to resurface and rejuvenate your skin or resolve scars and stretch marks, contact Lisa at The Women’s Centre by phone or online form for a Microchanneling & Microneedling session.

Microchanneling & Microneedling

Skin Pen and Procell


Microchanneling and Microneedling treatments improve the appearance of:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne Scars / Surgical Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Sun Damage / Dark spots
  • Firms, tightens and tones skin
  • Large Pores

Your Medical Aesthetician performing your Microchanneling and Microneedling procedure will discuss the best plan for your skin issues. One or both of the following will be applied to the skin during the treatment:



Procell SerumContain growth factors derived from human bone marrow which produce a potent, anti-inflammatory effect. These growth factors support cellular renewal to improve skin firmness, elasticity, texture and diminish the prominence of scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.



Also known as the Vampire Facial, this procedure uses your own blood which will be spun in a centrifuge that will separate the blood from the platelet-rich plasma. After which, the plasma will be applied to your face during micro-channeling and micro-needling that will cause a chain reaction of healing processes. This is a sure-fire way to reproduce stem cells and collagen giving healthier and younger-looking skin.