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Your skin looks saggy, dull, and discolored, or you have acne scars that remind you of the pain of your teenage years. You can improve, smooth, and brighten aging and scarred skin with the Bellus Medical SkinPen® microneedling treatment by expert aesthetician Lisa Rux at The Women’s Centre. If you live in the Denton, Texas area, and you’d like to resurface and rejuvenate your skin or resolve scars and stretch marks, contact Lisa at The Women’s Centre by phone or online form for a microneedling session.

Microneedling Q&A

What is microneedling?

Microneedling with the SkinPen is an aesthetic technique that uses dozens of tiny, stainless steel needles to create micro-wounds in your skin. When your skin is injured, your immune system jumps in to disinfect the wounds, clear them of debris, and build up stronger tissue with collagen.

Collagen is a long-strand protein that forms the matrix that supports your skin, making it look plump, thick, and youthful. Aging, sun exposure, and toxins such as alcohol and tobacco, can rob your skin of collagen so that it starts to thin out and sag. Microneedling replenishes your collagen so that your skin looks and acts more youthful.

Because microneedling triggers your skin to rebuild itself, it can repair other damage in addition to collagen loss. Over a series of sessions, the SkinPen resolve hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and dull-looking skin.

What are the advantages of the SkinPen?

The SkinPen is the only Class II, FDA-approved microneedling device in the United States.  Other advantages to the SkinPen include:

  • No damage the epidermis
  • Needles have a 90-degree vertical trajectory (no rolling)
  • Needles vibrate to stimulate more collagen
  • More sanitary than at-home systems
  • Markedly faster than at-home systems
  • No heat (as in radiofrequency devices)
  • Expert application by a trained professional
  • Variety of needle depths for different body areas

Does microneedling hurt?

Before your SkinPen session, Lisa applies a topical anesthetic to your skin. During your treatment, you may feel a slight vibrating sensation. Most women report that the SkinPen is virtually pain-free.

How long does the SkinPen take to work?

Your SkinPen session only lasts about 30 minutes to one hour. You may have a slightly reddened face for a few hours up to a few days. Lisa recommends the companion SkinFuse™ skincare system to optimize results.

Within three days, you begin to see the results of your SkinPen treatment. Because SkinPen stimulates collagen remodeling, your results continue to develop over the next six months.

You may need two or three treatments to achieve optimal results, especially in the case of deeper scars. You should have touch-ups to maintain the benefits.

To replenish your skin, even out your skin tone, and get rid of scars and stretch marks, contact Lisa at The Women’s Centre for a skin resurfacing consultation by phone or online form.