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Uterine Prolapse Specialist

The Women's Centre

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When you feel like there’s something in your vagina, or notice tissue protruding from your vaginal opening, you may have a prolapsed uterus. We have uterine prolapse expert at The Women’s Centre like Dr. Mantri who alleviates your symptoms with effective therapies, including minimally invasive da Vinci® robot-assisted surgery. If you live in the Denton, Texas area, and suspect you have uterine prolapse, contact our office today. You can call the helpful staff at The Women’s Centre or use the online appointment form to set up a uterine prolapse consultation.

Uterine Prolapse Q&A

What is uterine prolapse?

When your pelvic muscles are too weak to support your uterus, it may slip into or even protrude from your vagina (uterine prolapse). You can get uterine prolapse at any stage of life, but it’s most likely to occur after menopause, especially if you had one or more vaginal births.

What causes uterine prolapse?

Anything that weakens your pelvic muscles and other supportive tissues can cause uterine prolapse. Risk factors for uterine prolapse include:

  • Being pregnant, overweight, or obese
  • Having a traumatic labor or childbirth
  • Delivering a large baby
  • Having low estrogen levels (e.g., menopause)
  • Straining your bowels
  • Having chronic constipation
  • Engaging in manual labor, including heavy lifting
  • Chronic coughing

How can I tell if I have a uterine prolapse?

Even when your uterus is prolapsed, you may not have symptoms. If you have moderate to severe uterine prolapse, you may feel like your uterus is extra heavy or pulls downward on your pelvis. You might also have the sensation that there’s an object in or falling out of your vagina.

The pressure from a prolapsed uterus can make it difficult or painful to have a bowel movement. It can also cause urinary incontinence or retention because of your uterus presses on your bladder.

How do doctors treat uterine prolapse?

If your uterine prolapse is asymptomatic and was only detected during a well-woman examination, you may forgo treatment. If your uterine prolapse causes you discomfort, or if you’re at risk for complications, such as prolapse of your other pelvic organs, The Women's Centre discusses possible remedies with you, including:

  • Lifestyle changes, such as weight loss
  • Regular Kegel exercises
  • Insertion of a removable, rubber pessary ring to support the uterus
  • Surgical repair with the da Vinci robot-assisted system

The Women's Centre is one of the leading experts using da Vinci surgery for endometriosis in the world.  We use the Davinci robot to better visualize the abnormal cells of endometriosis, and excises (cuts out) the endometriosis.  Removing these cells may relieve the pain. We also focus on the pain associated with adhesions. Adhesions may contribute to abdominal and pelvic pain.  There are many causes of adhesions, including endometriosis, and The Women's Centre has a unique treatment plan to try and decrease formation/reformation of the painful adhesions.